SEED:Product introduction


Chinese Cabbage

F1 Hybrid

Extra early maturity, heat tolerant.

NATSU ICHIBAN is an extra early F1 Hybrid that matures in approximately 40 days. An outstanding combination of heat, disease and wet-condition tolerance makes NATSU ICHIBAN a variety that is easy to cultivate. Vigorous variety in high temperature season. Head is round shaped and averages around 0.7-1.0kg. Uniform well-filled heads are hairless and have a delicious taste. Outer leaves are dark green and provide good protection for the head.

F1 Hybrid

Medium maturing, large head.

KISSHO is a large round shaped type that produces a high yield. Outer leaves are dark green and surround a large head weighing between 1.5-1.7kg. KISSHO matures in around 55 days. Excellent tolerance against heat and wet-conditions, and resists diseases. KISSHO is suitable for medium to high temperature regions and easy to cultivate.

F1 Hybrid

WAKABA 40days
A new vegetable available for year-round cultivation.

WAKABA 40 DAYS is a fast growing F1 Hybrid and easy to cultivate with firm leaves. The variety can be harvested between 30 and 60 days after sowing in high and low temperatures, respectively. Good taste with soft flesh.