SEED:Product introduction



F1 Hybrid

Excellent for long transportation.

ROCKY is a F1 Hybrid with strong to Fusarium yellow and can be harvested in about 65 days after transplanting. Head is approximately 1.5kg, globe shaped and very uniform. ROCKY yields a dense head that is very suitable for long transportation. Head is deep green with very little wax. Its thick texture is slow to crack. With small outside leaves, ROCKY is a perfect choice for high density planting. Also excellent for high temperature planting and suitable for lowland climate region cultivation.

F1 Hybrid

Wide adaptability.

RYOZEKI is an F1 Hybrid with wide adaptability to different seasons. Fresh green head averages 1.5-2.0kg each. Superb uniformity is convenient when harvesting. RYOZEKI can be harvested 70 days after transplanting and resists bursting with an ideal choice for long shipping.

F1 Hybrid

Firm head and adaptable for high temperature season.

SEIKAN is a medium maturing F1 Hybrid that can be harvested in approx. 65 days. Head is flat-globe and dark green weighing 1.5-2.0kg.