SEED:Product introduction


Bunching Onion

F1 Hybrid

Good uniformity, early maturity.

This is an award winning F1 Hybrid that has excellent tolerance against heat and cold temperatures. Superb uniform shape and easy to grow. Leaves are dark green, upright and sturdy without breaking. Vigorous variety reaches an excellent width quickly. Neck is firm and uniform. Shiny snow-white stem is tender and tasty. Strong against rust, downy mildew and Alternaria leaf spot.

Typical variety of autumn and winter harvesting type resistant to cold.

Leaves are upright and dark green. Hard firm neck makes plant shape beautiful. The variety is vigorous and tolerant to cold. Blanching stem is 40cm, and strong growth of leaf sheath makes it possible to plant in high density, producing high rate of good quality and high yielding. Strong to diseases and easy to cultivate.

Wide adaptability, harvesting in Summer, Autumn and Winter.

KEIHO is a KUROGARA type (dark green) variety, tolerant to heat and cold. Leaves are upright and dark green, not breakable by wind. Blanching stem is glossy, with firm neck and good uniformity. Taste and quality are good, producing high yielding. Easy to cultivate, vigorous in high temperature and little yellowing of leaf in cold temperature. Growth of root is fast. Strong to rust, downy mildew and Alternaria leaf spot. Suitable for summer-autumn to autumn-winter harvesting.

Tolerant to cold, beautiful shape, high yielding.

Firm neck, dark green leaves and pure white stem make the plant beautiful. Vigorous, easy to cultivate and adaptable to various conditions. Good quality and taste, producing high yielding. Can be harvested in 3 seasons, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Very tolerant to heat, harvesting in Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Tolerant to heat and cold, adaptable to various cases with upright dark green leaves. November-December sowing leads to harvesting from June in semi-tropical areas. As seedlings in colder temperature than 10℃ cause bolting, spring and autumn sowing is commonly recommended for harvesting in Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Single stem heat tolerant for summer-autumn harvesting.

A late-bolting special selection for summer and autumn seasons. Neck is firm and uniform. Eye catching white stem is shiny, tasty, and approximately 40cm long and 2.5cm in diameter. Compared to other summer types, YOSHI has superior heat and disease resisntance. Easy to grow.

Late-bolting multiple stem type.

An excellent multiple stem type picked for its late-bolting characteristic. Short leaf with long white stem. When compared with other late-bolting type, BAN has shorter leaf and plant length. Leaf and neck have excellent width with a white stem that is slow to discolor and highly marketable. BAN produces 3-4 multiple stems. Easy to grow and strong to deseases.

Late-bolting, good low temperature growing.

Upright standing and medium tall plant habit. Numerous vigorous growing leaves that are sturdy and will not easily break even in strong wind conditions. Late-bolting type that excels in low temperatures and is suitable for high density planting. Bright green leaves and soft white tender stem is both uniform and of excellent quality. Stem grows very fast. April-May sowing can be harvested from October-March. September-October sowing can be harvested from May-July. Also suitable for indoor planting in cold areas.

Year round adaptable variety with dark green leaves, easy to harvest.

CYOKYU WAKABA is a top variety of bunching onion, excellent in leaf color, shape and quality. Leaf sheath and blade are dark green and glossy. The variety is extremely popular in the market with very few leaf break, tip burn and falling, easy to cultivate and adaptable to all year round cultivation by heat and cold tolerance with little bloom.

High Quality, Year Round daptability.

Meticulously picked for its superb quality, WAKABA grows dark green leaves that are upright and straight. Leaves are thick, heavy, easy to harvest and high yielding. WAKABA is easy to cultivate year-round with very good tolerance against heat and cold temperatures. Long shelf life makes it an excellent variety for shipping and is an attractive choice in the market.